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Glass Facial Cupping

What are the benefits of using a glass facial cupping system?

The glass facial cupping system promotes increased blood circulation, stimulates collagen production, and aids in lymphatic drainage. Regular use can lead to firmer, brighter skin and reduced appearance of fine lines.

How do I clean and store the glass cups after use?

After each use, clean the glass cups with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly, and let them air dry. Store in a cool, dry place, ideally in a padded pouch or box to prevent breakage.

Is there any pain or discomfort associated with facial cupping?

Facial cupping is generally pain-free. If done correctly, you should feel a light suction. However, if you experience any discomfort, reduce the suction pressure or consult a professional.

Are there any skin conditions or situations where I shouldn’t use the cupping system?

Avoid cupping over broken skin, inflamed acne, or any active skin infections. If you have a skin condition, recent facial surgery, or any concerns, consult with a dermatologist or skincare professional before using the system.

Glow Red Light Wand

How often can I use the device?

Daily. If you experience a persistent headache, skin irritation, or other adverse reactions during or following the use of the Wand, you should stop using the device and consult your physician.

Do I need to use a serum with the device?

While not required, applying the Graceful Glow Co Refine & Restore Serum on your skin before using the Wand can dramatically increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The Wand will only turn on when used on hydrated skin.

How long should I use the device?

We recommend starting out at 5 minutes per day for the first few days. As your skin acclimates, you can use it for longer and as frequently as desired for up to 30 minutes per day. Always be mindful of how your skin reacts to beauty devices and decrease usage if redness or irritation occurs.

When should I expect to see results?

When incorporated into a consistent routine, you can expect to see results in 2-4 weeks. We highly recommend taking before and after photos for comparison. We'd love to see your results! Tag us on Instagram @gracefulglowco. Note: Individual results may vary.

Is the red light safe to use around my eyes?

Yes, the red light is generally safe to use around the eyes, but we do not recommend looking directly into the red light for an extended period of time.

Glow Cryo Roller

What is a cryo facial?

Cryo facials harness the natural power of ice-cold temperatures to help depuff, tighten and detoxify the skin for a clearer, lifted, more radiant appearance.

How do I use the Glow Cryo Roller?

Cleanse face, pat dry, then apply your favorite serums, oils and eye cream. Remove Glow Cryo Roller from fridge or freezer (allow roller to sit for 5 minutes out of freezer before use). Using the wider roller, start at the center of the face and roll outwards with long strokes towards the lymphatic drainage points near your ears and down towards your heart. Replicate the outward motion on the forehead and chin areas to rejuvenate skin, tighten pores and enhance skincare absorption. Use the narrow roller to target hard-to-reach areas such as under and above the eyes up to the brow bone, between the brows and down the sides of the nose.

What’s the difference between a quartz or jade roller and the Glow Cryo Roller?

Cryo rolling pushes the boundaries of temperature to amplify your results (just like yoga vs. hot yoga). The stainless steel Cryo Roller can endure and hold colder temperatures for sustained delivery of cold therapy.

How do I clean the Glow Cryo Roller?

Rinse with water and towel dry after each use.

When should I use the Glow Cryo Roller?

Cold face roller may be used throughout the day as desired on clean skin or after skincare application to support product absorption.

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